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Issue #13 new

Incorporate controlled vocabularies

Carly Strasser
created an issue

This will ensure discoverability and integration of datasets. Could be used to help generate/select keywords and column headers

Potential controlled vocabs: (1) the NASA GCMD thesaurus http://gcmd.nasa.gov/Resources/valids/archives/keyword_list.html; (2) the NBII biocomplexity thesaurus (note links to other possible vocabularies on this page as well) http://thesaurus.nbii.gov; (3) the GEMET thesaurus (possibly the best of a relatively sad lot, but European in origin and not much used in USA that I've seen) http://www.eionet.europa.eu/gemet; LTER keyword list http://vocab.lternet.edu/vocab/vocab/index.php

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