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Issue #2 on hold

Link to PDF user guide missing

Perry Willett
created an issue

There's a link on this page to the PDF version of the user guide http://dataup.cdlib.org/dataup_user_guide.html

However, the link looks like this: <p><a href="">Download a PDF of the DataUp User Guide</a></p>

Comments (4)

  1. Perry Willett reporter

    It's in the README.txt file that's part of the zip archive. Here's the entire text of the README.txt:

    This ZIP archive contains the installation files for the DataUp AddIn for Excel. This add-in is part of the DataUp Project, whose goal is to facilitate data management, sharing, and archiving for scientists. For more information on the DataUp Project, visit http://dataup.cdl.org. To obtain a copy of the user guide for the add-in, visit http://dataup.cdlib.org/dataup_user_guide.html

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