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Aaron McGlinchy
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Hi, I have been testing the addin and the webapp on the same file which I know has some issues. The strange thing is that the webapp picks up 5 issues, but the addin only picks up 4 issues. The issue the addin is missing is mixed data types, so if i have a column of numbers, and say if there is missing data I enter X to signify that. The webapp detects it, the addin does not. If I delete the X and leave the cell blank the addin then picks up blank cells.

After I deleted the X, the addin also started picking up special characters, even though their were none in the spreadsheet and on first check it had not detected any, but once the X was deleted leaving a blank cell it reported both blank cell and special character. Inserting a valid number in the blank removes the missing, but special character remained.

I then worked out the special character it was reporting was the decimal point in my numeric data - obviously it should not report a decimal place as a problem.


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    UPDATE - have noticed that even though the webapp is picking up 'mixed data types', it too is actually in error - its picking up cells that are correct (not mixed data), but missing other cells that are mixed data. I can send you the spreadsheet if you wish to check yourselves.

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