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 * Provide ability to print/download list of BP  errors found so you can fix
 * Improve information about how to remove/edit errors from BP check
 * Fix special characters error checking: Finds special characters when not there
-* Provides for ability to provide custom units for column metadata
+* Provides for ability to provide custom units for column metadata
+== Laundry List of Bugs/improvments ==
+//Fair warning: this list has not been properly edited. I just copied and pasted from a table. I hope to improve this soon and move some items over to the "issues" section of BitBucket.//
+# selecting "text" and "dateTime" should allow you to fill out the next column as non-empty string
+# custom field for units for column metadata
+# tell the user they need to supply dates as YYYY-MM-DD
+# integration of citation service with zotero? Endnote?
+# work with LTER congruency checker
+# integration with ORCID - fills out some of the metadata elements based on your ORCID id
+# login to web app with twitter
+# login to web app with InCommon
+# support other delimited file types (e.g., tab-delimited) in addition to CSV
+# remember whether you want to ignore the errors or not - don't ask anymore
+# able to select metadata and/or repo upon signing in
+# login to web app with google
+# "post" option in WA - what happens if you have laready posted? Should this grey out?
+# recognize dates/date formats in a column
+# add website URL for repository at "successful post" screen so they can go there directly
+# change link for "Demo" in web app to link to vimeo video
+# edit "About DataUp" page on web app - typeos
+# no middle name box for registering with web app
+# log in to web app with openid
+# "non-contiguous data" error: add that the data should be "rectangular". That helps clarify a single table.
+# remove creation of a microsoft table for metadata (add-in)
+# separate general metadata and column metadata into two different tabs (add-in)
+# selecting "data range" for column description - that was confusing wording. (add-in)
+# not clear what next step is for best practices check - does it fix them for you? If not, what are you to do?
+# some way to tell users what metadata they will need once they start the process
+# best practices should be able to be re-run (e.g., recheck). 
+# able to edit citation in window (add-in)
+# Potential controlled vocabs: the NASA GCMD thesaurus [[]]; the NBII biocomplexity thesaurus (note links to other possible vocabularies on this page as well) [[]]; the GEMET thesaurus  (possibly the best of a relatively sad lot, but European in origin and not much used in USA that I've seen)
+The LTER also has a keyword list that is derived from some of the terms used in storing EML documents in the KNB:  [[]]
+# export standardized metadata - e.g., generate a separate EML document
+# check for macros (disable if CSV)
+# note when data format within a column is different from one cell to the next
+# suggest a "raw data only" tab. All other tabs could link to this tab (must stay in XLSX format for this to work). Raw data sheet could be saved in CSV; all others in XLSX
+# provide a print-out / log of data that describes why it can't be archived
+# provide a print-out / log of best practices check - can't go back and forth so this is important.
+# add way to designate time zone
+# talk to DataONE API
+# does not accept existing identifier. Wants to generate a new one.
+# able to talk to SWORD-compliant repositories
+# drop-down menu of possible metadata languages; form you see corresponds to your choice
+# generate CSV/archive-ready files for archiving purposes alongside XLSX files. That way some of the info can still be obtained no matter what. Csv or text version.
+# it should tell you if your spreadsheet upload fails for some reason. Otherwise it's not clear what happened. (web app)
+# target box for selecting file to upload is too small. (web app)
+# help in best practices window should be easier to read/trigger
+# able to review metadata before proceeding
+# make metadata form window larger
+# units selection - it should jump to your choice as you type
+# special characters message keeps showing up even though there isn't any
+# how does it determine blank cells? It gives this error message when not applicable
+# describe that the user needs to select a repository before receiving a unique identifier
+# add information about how to edit/change metadata once it's filled in
+# "read this information" button for identifier does not work when clicked on. Too small anyway.
+# tell people to delimit keywords with commas
+# allow separate upload of keywords in EML (does it do this already?)
+# explain why some of the best practices can't be "selected" via boxes
+# not clear what "remove" means in the error check fields. not clear what implications of "remove" are
+# should be able to ignore errors in the future
+# citation should be formatted better
+# font is very tiny - what about making it better for multiple browsers/plaforms (web app; also windows for add-in)
+# better describe what cells should be highlighted for the oclumn metadata feature (add-in)
+# larger window for reading user agreement
+# not clear what "save" means. Or "saved successfully". Where was it saved? (web app)
+# describe what's modified for the "modified file you can download". (web app)
+# should be able to ask/designate how many rows are dedicated to header information and not part of the data
+# add ability to upload to the repo as test/draft
+# make a note that you can't upload XLS
+# explanation at login what will happen to the data when it's uploaded to a repository