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Note: This list pertains to DataUp Version 1. To see requests that pertain to DataUp Version 2, please visit Our GitHub Issues site.

Laundry List of Bugs/improvements

Fair warning: this list has not been properly edited. I just copied and pasted from a table. I hope to improve this soon and move some items over to the "issues" section of BitBucket.

  1. "lite" version of dataup that institutions/orgs can use. post button disabled, so that they can distribute the tool to their researchers and ensure the data aren't made public accidentally/before the org is ready
  2. selecting "text" and "dateTime" should allow you to fill out the next column as non-empty string
  3. custom field for units for column metadata
  4. tell the user they need to supply dates as YYYY-MM-DD
  5. integration of citation service with zotero? Endnote?
  6. work with LTER congruency checker
  7. integration with ORCID - fills out some of the metadata elements based on your ORCID id
  8. login to web app with twitter
  9. login to web app with InCommon
  10. support other delimited file types (e.g., tab-delimited) in addition to CSV
  11. remember whether you want to ignore the errors or not - don't ask anymore
  12. able to select metadata and/or repo upon signing in
  13. login to web app with google
  14. "post" option in WA - what happens if you have laready posted? Should this grey out?
  15. recognize dates/date formats in a column
  16. add website URL for repository at "successful post" screen so they can go there directly
  17. change link for "Demo" in web app to link to vimeo video
  18. edit "About DataUp" page on web app - typeos
  19. no middle name box for registering with web app
  20. log in to web app with openid
  21. "non-contiguous data" error: add that the data should be "rectangular". That helps clarify a single table.
  22. remove creation of a microsoft table for metadata (add-in)
  23. separate general metadata and column metadata into two different tabs (add-in)
  24. selecting "data range" for column description - that was confusing wording. (add-in)
  25. not clear what next step is for best practices check - does it fix them for you? If not, what are you to do?
  26. some way to tell users what metadata they will need once they start the process
  27. best practices should be able to be re-run (e.g., recheck).
  28. able to edit citation in window (add-in)
  29. Potential controlled vocabs: the NASA GCMD thesaurus; the NBII biocomplexity thesaurus (note links to other possible vocabularies on this page as well); the GEMET thesaurus (possibly the best of a relatively sad lot, but European in origin and not much used in USA that I've seen) The LTER also has a keyword list that is derived from some of the terms used in storing EML documents in the KNB:
  30. export standardized metadata - e.g., generate a separate EML document
  31. check for macros (disable if CSV)
  32. note when data format within a column is different from one cell to the next
  33. suggest a "raw data only" tab. All other tabs could link to this tab (must stay in XLSX format for this to work). Raw data sheet could be saved in CSV; all others in XLSX
  34. provide a print-out / log of data that describes why it can't be archived
  35. provide a print-out / log of best practices check - can't go back and forth so this is important.
  36. add way to designate time zone
  37. talk to DataONE API
  38. does not accept existing identifier. Wants to generate a new one.
  39. able to talk to SWORD-compliant repositories
  40. drop-down menu of possible metadata languages; form you see corresponds to your choice
  41. generate CSV/archive-ready files for archiving purposes alongside XLSX files. That way some of the info can still be obtained no matter what. Csv or text version.
  42. it should tell you if your spreadsheet upload fails for some reason. Otherwise it's not clear what happened. (web app)
  43. target box for selecting file to upload is too small. (web app)
  44. help in best practices window should be easier to read/trigger
  45. able to review metadata before proceeding
  46. make metadata form window larger
  47. units selection - it should jump to your choice as you type
  48. special characters message keeps showing up even though there isn't any
  49. how does it determine blank cells? It gives this error message when not applicable
  50. describe that the user needs to select a repository before receiving a unique identifier
  51. add information about how to edit/change metadata once it's filled in
  52. "read this information" button for identifier does not work when clicked on. Too small anyway.
  53. tell people to delimit keywords with commas
  54. allow separate upload of keywords in EML (does it do this already?)
  55. explain why some of the best practices can't be "selected" via boxes
  56. not clear what "remove" means in the error check fields. not clear what implications of "remove" are
  57. should be able to ignore errors in the future
  58. citation should be formatted better
  59. font is very tiny - what about making it better for multiple browsers/plaforms (web app; also windows for add-in)
  60. better describe what cells should be highlighted for the oclumn metadata feature (add-in)
  61. larger window for reading user agreement
  62. not clear what "save" means. Or "saved successfully". Where was it saved? (web app)
  63. describe what's modified for the "modified file you can download". (web app)
  64. should be able to ask/designate how many rows are dedicated to header information and not part of the data
  65. add ability to upload to the repo as test/draft
  66. make a note that you can't upload XLS
  67. explanation at login what will happen to the data when it's uploaded to a repository
  68. preview of errors in BP check
  69. edit the text on the Web app registration page - sounds like spam site
  70. change frame setup for metadata entry - make it easier to scroll down, NOT within the "pop-out" style frame
  71. delete the phrase "don't worry - we won't share your data with anyone" from the web app home page
  72. clicking on user agreement should take you to a new, full page tab
  73. in Web app: ability to navigate back to the main documents page (e.g., by clicking on the DataUp log)
  74. message that shows up when there are no issue to report is "no item found". This should be reworded to say "No problems/issues found" or something similar
  75. have an option for indicating that "data contact" person is the same as the creator. Could then auto-populate those field
  76. for ONEShare- intellectual rights are CC-Zero, no matter what they put in the metadata field. that should be clear.
  77. dropdown menu for version number in citation window?
  78. help text for identifier was hard to read and very small. suggest bullets or line breaks.
  79. once data is posted to a repo - relabel the "post" button in document upload page of web app to indicate that you are uploading a new version.