dav1d avatar dav1d committed 6b4ce86

enabled ssl support, fixed minor bug

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             # messages, so we get to know the servers name.
             self.server_name = str(msg.prefix)
-        is_chan = irc.utils.is_channel(msg.args[0])
+        is_chan = False
+        if msg.args[0]:
+            is_chan = irc.utils.is_channel(msg.args[0])
         if msg.command == 'NICK' and msg.prefix.nick == self.nickname:
             self.nickname = msg.args[0]
         if _mainloop is None:
             raise MainLoopError('The mainloop must be created first')
         if ssl:
-            raise NotImplementedError
             transport = SSLSendAllTransport(_mainloop)
             transport = SendAllTransport(_mainloop)
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