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Issue #7 closed

Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault

Jeremy Williams
created an issue

I got this when consecutively playing more than 2 videos on Ubuntu 11.10 Linux with the same MplayerCtrl instance. Supposedly, seg faults occur if the module was compiled for a different python version. I'm using python 2.7.2+. Does MplayerCtrl work on this version?

To get a sense of the program flow, my output is:

""" Process started Media started Media finished Process started Media started Media finished Fatal Python error: (pygame parachute) Segmentation Fault Aborted """

So each video process doesn't finish.

I've heard that the error comes from .pyc files compiled for an incorrect python version. http://pygame.org/project-Map+Editor-455-.html, see

""" This happens when you have a .pyc file that was compiled by a different version of Python you are trying to import from. I use 2.4, though most people usually have 2.5. To fix this immediately, show all hidden files and folders and delete all of the files with .pyc extensions. Then rerun the program. I'll release a new version later today without them. """

I deleted my own .pyc files, but the seg fault still pops up. When I added a print statement in the 'on_process_started' function, things worked again, though I'm sure this doesn't solve the problem.

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  1. David repo owner

    The MplayerCtrl works with 2.7. You're using the MplayerCtrl with Pygame, since the MplayerCtrl has nothing to do with pygame this seems not to be caused from it. It would help if you could show me a minimized testcase.

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