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Fix a bug in http uri generation:

* Uri "http://servername/ccnet" for server "example-build" was created as: http://servername/ccnetserver/example-build/RawXmlMessage.aspx
The correct output is: "http://servername/ccnet/server/example-build/RawXmlMessage.aspx"
The bug caused FastForward.NET a 404 Error when trying to monitor a webdashboard in a subfolder of a domain (like the example above)

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         /// <returns></returns>
         private Uri GenerateTargetUri(ServerRequest request)
-            Uri targetAddress = new Uri(
-                string.Format("{1}server/{0}/RawXmlMessage.aspx", 
-                    request.ServerName,
-                    serverAddress.AbsoluteUri));
+            Uri targetAddress =
+                new Uri(string.Concat(serverAddress.AbsoluteUri, "/server/", request.ServerName, "/RawXmlMessage.aspx"));
             return targetAddress;
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