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Miscellaneous cleanup and a few updates

  1. Chris Gundersen

I removed some unneeded using statements in the APIOrganization class, updated refs to some core libs via NuGet, changed file reference to a project reference, removed three unused stored procedures (used non-existent queues), and changed collation references in DB create script to use server default collation (more for the benefit of international users). Also removed "secrets.config" from the project since it's not in source control.

Comments (2)

  1. Chris Gundersen author

    You can set SQL Compare to ignore column collation and not script that out. If you want to put your SQL Compare project file in source control I can take a look at it for you. I also commented on the issue related to collation as well. Thanks for the info about GitHub - that is my preferred provider and will make it a lot easier as I'm not as familiar with BitBucket. I will clone that repo and submit pull requests from there, so you can ignore this one.