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 {{{hstest}}} looks through all Haskell source files in the current directory (by default), finds all properties to test (properties must have a name that starts {{{prop_}}}), and runs them via QuickCheck.
-For example, suppose you have this Haskell source file called 'mysort.hs':
+Suppose you have this Haskell source file called 'mysort.hs':
 $ hstest
 mysort.hs: Passed 4 properties
+== Installation
+If you don't have GHC, hstest won't work. Sorry.
+If you have GHC 6.10.x (except 6.10.0), you can install it using cabal-install:
+$ cabal install hstest
+I have only tested it with GHC 6.10.1 and 6.10.3.
+If you can't use cabal-install, you will have to install it manually:
+* download it from Hackage
+* extract the files into a temporary directory
+* edit 'hstest.cabal' to reflect the version of GHC you have installed
+* {{{$ ./Setup.lhs configure && ./Setup.lhs build && dist/build/hstest/hstest --expose-package ghc && sudo ./Setup.lhs install}}}
+Please tell me whether hstest works or not with your versions of GHC and other libraries.