A python package for retrieving and parsing product data and images using ItemMaster's API.


  • You must have an API user name and password (this can be obtained by registering for a retailer account).
  • Python 2.7 or 3.4+

To install:

pip install itemmaster

To follow and execute subsequent code examples, you will need to import the following:

from datetime import datetime, timedelta
from itemmaster import ItemMaster

The following are only needed for type hinting in supporting IDE's:

from typing import Iterator
from itemmaster.elements import Item, Brand, Manufacturer, Retailer

Authenticate & Connect

To connect to ItemMaster's API, create an instance of the ItemMaster class:

item_master = ItemMaster(


You can retrieve items from ItemMaster using the method ItemMaster.items(), which accepts the following parameters:

  • item_id (str)
  • idx (int): The index of the first item to return. This parameter is for use in conjunction with the limit to iteratively retrieve a limited subset of the items found matching your other parameters.
  • limit (int): The number of items to return.
  • q (str): Retrieve all items with this string in the description.
  • m (str): Retrieve all items associated with this Manufacturer ID.
  • b (str): Retrieve all items associated with this Brand ID.
  • upc (str): Retrieve items associated with this UPC (GTIN).
  • since (date): Retrieve items updated on or after this date.
  • until (date): Retrieve items updated on or before this date.
  • pi (str): Specifies which (if any) version of planogram images should be returned (defualts to None):
    • "o": Original
    • "c": Edited
    • "b": Both
  • ptga (int): Specifies the file size for TGA-16 planogram images, in kilobytes. Defaults to 100KB. The options available are 50 (50KB) or 100 (100KB).
  • pip (int): The resulting PPI of the planogram images. Specify only if you would like a different/lower PPI than the original image.
  • ef (str): The resulting format of the ecommerce images. The options available are "jpg", "png", or "tif".
  • eip (int): The resulting PPI of the ecommerce images.
  • epl (Tuple[int] or int): The resulting size(s) of the ecommerce left image. All ItemMaster ecommerce images are square—so, for example—passing a value of 50 will cause the ecommerce image returned to be re-sized to 50 x 50 pixels. This can be 50, 100, 150, 200, 600, 900, 1000, or a tuple of 2 or more of these values.
  • epf (Tuple[int] or int): The resulting size(s) of the ecommerce front image. All ItemMaster ecommerce images are square—so, for example—passing a value of 50 will cause the ecommerce image returned to be re-sized to 50 x 50 pixels. This can be 50, 100, 150, 200, 600, 900, 1000, or a tuple of 2 or more of these values.
  • epr (int): The resulting size(s) of the ecommerce right image. All ItemMaster ecommerce images are square—so, for example—passing a value of 50 will cause the ecommerce image returned to be re-sized to 50 x 50 pixels. This can be 50, 100, 150, 200, 600, 900, 1000, or a tuple of 2 or more of these values.

In the following example, we retrieve all the items which have been added/updated in the past week (not including today), specifying that we want both planogram images and ecommerce images (in PNG format), and that we want our ecommerce images to be 1000 x 1000 pixels.

for item in item_master.items(
    limit=10, - timedelta(days=7), - timedelta(days=1),
):  # type: Item

Interpreting Item Data

The following table is an overview of elements and properties contained in an Item instance:

Class Properties (types)
  • id (str): A unique identifier for this item.
  • type (str): A high-level classification for this item, such as "grocery".
  • status (str): "P" indicates "published".
  • company_tracking_id (CompanyTrackingID)
  • item_master_name (str): A one-line description of the item, typically identical to the name, as well as to the product description associated with the product with a sequence value of 1.
  • sell_copy (str): A brief paragraph containing marketing copy.
  • bullet_points (Sequence[str]): A sequence of features, usually intended to accompany the sell_copy.
  • ecommerce_description (str): A one-line description intended for ecommerce use.
  • manufacturer_ecommerce_description (str): A one-line description intended for ecommerce use, provided by the manufacturer.
  • name (str): A one-line description of the item.
  • marketing_description (str): An often incoherent assemblage of text captured from the product's packaging—not typically usable for marketing purposes. Refer to sell_copy, when present, for more coherent text.
  • other_description (str): Additional text captured from the product's packaging.
  • upcs (Sequence[UPC]): A sequence of one or more universal product codes used to identify this item.
  • manufacturer (ValueWithID): The name and unique ID of this product's manufacturer.
  • item_retailer (ValueWithID): The name and unique ID of this product's retailer.
  • categories (Sequence[Category]): A list of GPC bricks associated with this item.
  • private_label_item (bool): Is this a private label product?
  • created (XFormSource): When was this product created?
  • last_updated (XFormSource): When was this product last updated?
  • distributor (ValueWithID): The company responsible for distributing this product.
  • importer (ValueWithID): The company responsible for importing this product.
  • manufacturer_sku (str): The manufacturer's stock keeping unit for this item.
  • media (Sequence[Medium]): Media (most commonly images) associated with the item.
  • manufacturer_supplied_content_images (Sequence[ManufacturerSuppliedContent]): Images, provided by the manufacturer, for this item.
  • manufacturer_supplied_content_logos (Sequence[ManufacturerSuppliedContent]): Logos, provided by the manufacturer, for this item.
  • manufacturer_supplied_content_videos (Sequence[ManufacturerSuppliedContent]): Videos, provided by the manufacturer, for this item.
  • manufacturer_supplied_content_files (Sequence[ManufacturerSuppliedContent]): Media files, provided by the manufacturer, for this item.
  • manufacturer_supplied_content_mobiles (Sequence[ManufacturerSuppliedContent]): Mobile optimized images, provided by the manufacturer, for this item.
  • company_supplied_images (Sequence[ManufacturerSuppliedContent]): Images, provided by the manufacturer, for this item.
  • package_data (PackageData): Information about the package, such as dimensions, package type, etc.
  • planogram_data (PlanogramData): Planogram and shelf management information.
  • products (Sequence[Product]): A sequence of Product instances, each containing information about the product which may vary for individual units contained within the consumer unit. When multiple instances of Product are associated with an item, it is typically because the item is a variety pack (sold as a single consumer unit), and different information applicable to items within the variety pack. The first instance of Product, where the sequence property is 1, typically applies to the product as a whole (and will, as a result, often exclude nutrition information and other more specific details).
  • package_distributor (Company): Information about the company responsible for distributing this item.
  • package_importer (Company): Information about the company responsible for importing this item.
  • package_manufacturer (Company): Information about the company responsible for manufacturing this item.
  • attributes (Sequence[Attribute]): A sequence of arbitrary attribute/value pairs.
  • type (str): "UPC" or "PLU".
  • text (str): A universal product code.
  • company_id (str): A unique identifier for this company.
  • company_name (str): The company's name.
  • id (str): A unique identifier.
  • text (str): A text value corresponding to the id.
  • type (str): Currently, the only taxonomy is "GS1".
  • id (str): The category's unique ID within the taxonomy specified in the type property.
  • name (str): The name of the category.
  • id (str): Identifies the creator of a record.
  • datetime (datetime): The date/time at which a record was created.
  • description (str): A description of the referenced media.
  • url (str): A URL where this media can be retrieved.
  • type (str): "edited" or "unedited"
  • view (str): A GDSN product view code.
  • mime_type (str): The type of media.
  • image_source (str): An identifier representing the source of the image.
  • added (datetime): The date/time when the medium was added.
  • description (str): A description of the referenced media.
  • url (str): A URL where this media can be retrieved.
  • file_type (str): Example: "customMobile" or "customImage".
  • mime_type (str): The type of media.
  • added (datetime): When was this asset received from the supplier?
  • copy (str): The text content of this image.
  • type (str): Type of unit (such as "Item" or "Case").
  • approximation (bool): Are these measurements approximated?
  • length (Measurement): Package length/depth—see the GS1 package measurement rules.
  • height (Measurement): Package height—see the GS1 package measurement rules.
  • width (Measurement): Package width—see the GS1 package measurement rules.
  • weight (Measurement): The gross weight of the product, including the packaging.
  • units_in_package (int): The number of units in each package.
  • package_size (Measurement): The size of the product, as described on the package.
  • net_weight (Measurement): Actual, computed, or estimated weight of the item without its container and/or packaging.
  • dry_weight (Measurement): The net weight of the product, when empty.
  • information (str)
  • recyclable (bool): Is this item recycleable?
  • shelf_man_flag (bool): Shelf management
  • depth_count (Decimal)
  • width_count (Decimal)
  • height_count (Decimal)
  • depth_nesting (Decimal)
  • vertical_nesting (Decimal)
  • display_depth (Decimal)
  • display_width (Decimal)
  • division_name (str)
  • dual_nesting (str)
  • multiple_shelf_facings (int)
  • peg_down (Decimal)
  • peg_right (Decimal)
  • tray_count (Decimal)
  • tray_depth (Decimal)
  • tray_width (Decimal)
  • tray_height (Decimal)
  • sequence (int): If this is equal to 1, the information applies to all products contained in the item/package.
  • id (str): A unique identifier for this product.
  • type (str): A high-level product classification, such as "grocery".
  • size (Measurement)
  • description (str): A one-line description of the product, usually beginning with the brand name, for example: "Parks Famous Flavor Hot Smoked Turkey Sausage" or "Hatfield Recipe Essentials Ground Sausage Sweet Italian".
  • distributor (ValueWithID): The name and a unique identifier of the company who distributes this product.
  • importer (ValueWithID): Identifies the company responsible for importing this product.
  • brand (ValueWithID): Identifies the brand name of this product.
  • sub_brands (Sequence[str]): Secondary levels of branding attributed to the product, often a trademarked name for a product line. In "Coca-Cola Classic", "Coca-Cola" is the brand and "Classic" is the sub-brand.
  • brand_description (str): This is usually the same as brand.text, but not tied to a brand ID, and therefore can vary by item, and will occasionally include sub-branding such as "Coca-Cola Classic" rather than simply "Coca-Cola".
  • secondary_brand_description (str): A secondary free-form description of the brand.
  • manufacturer (ValueWithID): This identifies the manufacturer of the product.
  • line (str): The name of the the product line to which this belongs. A product line is a group of related products, under a single brand, sold by the same company.
  • variety (str): A differentiation between variations of a product line such as a flavor, color, scent, etc.
  • seasonal (bool): If True, this indicates that the item is only available for a limited period of distribution each year.
  • country_of_origin (str): A comma-separated list of the country or countries where this product was grown, manufactured, or assembled.
  • warnings (str): Warnings and precautions (usually those which are found on a product's packaging).
  • drug_interactions (str): Information labeled "interactions" on over-the-counter or prescription medications.
  • directions (str): Usage instructions for this product, as found on the product's packaging.
  • indications (str): Indicates what ailments a product (typically an over-the-counter medication) can/should be used to treat.
  • grocery (Grocery): A collection of attributes exclusively pertinent to grocery items.
  • ndc_code (str): The "National Drug Code" is a unique, 10-digit, 3-segment number. It is a universal product identifier for human drugs in the United States. This code is required to be present on all over-the-counter and prescription medication packages and inserts in the United States.
  • npn_code (str): The "Natural Product Number" is an 8-digit number issued for products which have been evaluated and licensed for sale in Canada by Health Canada.
  • din_code (str): The Drug Identification Number (DIN) is the 8 digit number located on the label of prescription and over-the-counter drug products that have been evaluated by the Therapeutic Products Directorate (TPD) and approved for sale in Canada.
  • alcohol_by_volume_percent (str): A description of the percentage of alcohol in this beverage, potentially including descriptive modifiers composed of non-numeric digits such as "less than", "approximately", etc.
  • alcohol_type (str)
  • ingredients (str): A list of ingredients in this product, as described on the product packaging. For example: "Milk Chocolate (Sugar, Chocolate, Cocoa Butter, Skim Milk, Lactose, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Artificial and Natural Flavors, Salt), Sugar, Corn Syrup, Hydrogenated Palm Kernel Oil, Milkfat, Skim Milk, Cornstarch, Less Than 1% - Lactose, Dextrin, Salt, Mono and Diglycerides, Coloring (Includes Blue 1 Lake, Yellow 6, Red 40, Yellow 5, Blue 1), Chocolate, Artificial Flavor, Gum Acacia.".
  • vitamins_and_minerals (str): A list of vitamins and minerals contained in this product, as described on the packaging. For example: "Added Sugars-6g-12%, Vitamin D-0mcg-0%, Calcium-0mg-0%, Iron-0.84mg-4%.".
  • nutritional_claims (NutritionalClaims): This identifies nutrition claims asserted on a product's packaging.
  • container_refunds (Sequence[ContainerRefund]): A series of ContainerRefund instances which indicate the deposit amount for this item's container, by state.
  • recipes (Sequence[str]): A list of recipes found on the packaging of this product.
  • food_related_indicators (FoodRelatedIndicators): A collection of indicators which are pertinent to food products, including compliance with various dietary restrictions, preparation state, storage temperature, etc.
  • nutritions (Sequence[Nutrition]): A sequence of Nutrition instances, each representing a nutrition panel from the product packaging.
  • certifications (Sequence[str]): A list of certifications applicable to this product.
    • 130: USDA Organic
    • 131: Non-GMO Project Certified
    • 132: Certified Gluten Free
    • 133: Certified B Corporation
    • 134: Quality Assurance International Certified Organic
    • 135: Certified Vegan
    • 136: California Certified Organic Farmers
    • 137: Fair Trade Certified
    • 138: Rainforest Alliance Certified
    • 139: Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
    • 140: American Heart Association Heart Healthy Certification
    • 141: American Humane Association
    • 142: Animal Welfare Approved
    • 143: Aurora Certified Organic
    • 144: Best Aquaculture Practices Certification
    • 145: Bird Friendly Coffee (Smithsonian Migratory Bird Center)
    • 146: Blue Angel Certification
    • 147: British Retail Consortium
    • 148: CE Marking
    • 149: Certified Angus Beef
    • 150: Certified Humane
    • 151: Cradle-to-Cradle
    • 152: Dolphin Safe
    • 153: US EPA Safer Choice
    • 154: Fish Wise
    • 155: Food Justice
    • 156: Forest Stewardship Council
    • 157: Food Safety System Certification 22000
    • 158: Good Housekeeping
    • 159: Good Housekeeping Green Seal
    • 161: Green Shield Certified
    • 162: Halal(Ifranca)
    • 163: Intertek
    • 164: Leaping Bunny (Coalition for consumer Information on Cosmetics)
    • 165: Marine Stewardship Council
    • 166: NSF Certification
    • 167: REAL® Seal
    • 168: Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil
    • 169: Safe Quality Food
    • 170: Salmon Safe
    • 171: Underwriters Laboratory
    • 172: USDA Certified Biobased Product
    • 173: USDA Process Verified Grassfed
    • 174: Whole Grains Council Stamps
    • 175: Nature's Healthiest Certified
  • kosher_codes (Sequence[str]): A list of kosher certifications applicable to this product. Valid values include:
    • 1: The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregation
    • 2: The Organized Kashruth Laboratories
    • 3: Chicago Rabbinical Council
    • 4: Star-D Kosher Supervision of the National Council of the Young Israel
    • 5: Kosher Supervision of America
    • 6: KOF-K Kosher Supervision
    • 7: Star K Kosher Certification
    • 8: K'hal Adath Jeshuren, NY, NY
    • 9: Shofar Kosher Foods
    • 10: Rabbinical Council of New England, (KVH)
    • 11: Rabbi M. Small Chicago
    • 12: The Diamond K
    • 13: Dairy
    • 14: Triangle Kosher Certification
    • 15: Kosher all year including Passover
    • 16: Kosher Overseers
    • 17: Unknown Circle U Organization
    • 18: Scroll K/Vaad Hakashrus of Denver
    • 19: United Mehadrin Kosher
    • 20: Kashrut Division of the London Beth Din, Court of the Chief Rabbi
    • 21: Unknown Kosher Dairy Organization
    • 22: Capital District Vaad Hakashruth
    • 23: Vaad Hakashrus of Buffalo
    • 24: Unknown Kosher Certification
    • 25: Orthodox Jewish Council Kosher Technical Konsultants
    • 26: Rabbi Yechiel Babad (Tartikover Rav),
    • 27: Dallas Kosher (Vaad Hakashrus of Dallas
    • 28: Unknown Kosher Certification
    • 29: United Mehadrin Kosher
    • 30: Orthodox Rabbinical Council of South Florida
    • 31: Ko Kosher Service
    • 32: K'hal Adath Jeshurun
    • 33: Orthodox Rabbicinical Council of British Columbia
    • 34: Kosher Supervisors of Wisconsin
    • 35: Metropolitan Kashruth Council of Michigan
    • 36: Rabbinical Council of New England - Rabbi Abraham Halbfinger - Boston, MA
    • 37: Natural Food Certifiers
    • 38: California K Igud Hakashrus of Los Angeles (Kehillah Kosher)
    • 39: THE HEART "K" (Kehillah Kosher)
    • 40: Certified Kosher Underwriters
    • 41: Central Rabbinical Congress (Hisachdus Harabanim
    • 42: Blue Ribbon Kosher
    • 43: Atlanta Kashrus Commission
    • 44: Debracin (Rabbi Shlomo Stern)
    • 45: Florida K and Florida Kashrus Services
    • 46: Jersey Shore Orthodox Rabbinate (J.S.O.R.)
    • 47: Rabbi Benjamin Kaplinsky
    • 48: Kashrus Council of Lakewood N.J.
    • 49: Council of Orthodox Rabbis of Greater Detroit (K-COR)
    • 50: Young Israel of West Hempstead
    • 51: Kosher Certification Service
    • 52: The Lehigh Valley Kashrus Commission (LVKC)
    • 53: Rabbi Yitzchok M. Leizerowski
    • 54: National Kashrus (NK)
    • 55: Rabbinical Council of Orange County & Long Beach (Orange K)
    • 56: South Palm Beach Vaad (ORB)
    • 57: Org. of Orthodox Kashrus Supervision
    • 58: International Kosher Supervision/Texas "K" Chicago Rabbinical Council
    • 59: Orthodox Vaad of Philadelphia
    • 60: Rabbinical Council of California (RCC)
    • 61: Star-K Kosher Certification (chalav Yisrael) & Star-D Certification (non-chalav Yisrael)
    • 62: Rabbi Nuchem Efraim Teitelbaum (Volover Rav)
    • 63: Vaad Hakashrus of K'hal Machzikei Hadas of Belz
    • 64: Dallas Kosher (Vaad Hakashrus of Dallas)
    • 65: Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California Administrative Offices
    • 66: Vaad Hakashrus of Rochester (VKR)
    • 67: Vaad Harabanim of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway
    • 68: Vaad Harabanim of Flatbush
    • 69: Vaad Harabanim of Greater Seattle
    • 70: Vaad Harabanim of Greater Washington
    • 71: Vaad of Lancaster / Cong. Degel Israel
    • 72: Kedassia, The Joint Kashrus Committee of England|
    • 73: K'hal Machzikei Hadas Edgeware
    • 74: London Beth Din Kashrut Division
    • 75: Machzikei Hadas Manchester
    • 76: Manchester Beis Din
    • 77: Dayan Osher Yaakov Westheim
    • 78: Kashrus Council of Canada (COR)
    • 79: Montreal Vaad Hair
    • 80: The NSW Kashrus Authority|
    • 81: The Beis Din Tzedek of Agudas Israel Moetzes Hakashrus
    • 82: The Beis Din Tzedek of the Eidah Hachareidis of Jerusalem Binyanei Zupnick
    • 83: The Beis Din Tzedek of K'hal Machzikei Hadas - Maareches Hakashrus
    • 84: Chug Chasam Sofer
    • 85: Rabbi Moshe Yehudah Leib Landau
    • 86: Rabanut Hareishit Rechovot
    • 87: Rabanut Yerushalayim Mehadrin
    • 88: Shearis Yisrael
    • 89: S.I.K.S. Ltd./ Services International Kosher Supervision
    • 90: Communidade Ortodoxa Israelita Kehillas Hachareidim Departmento de Kashrus
    • 91: HKK Kosher Certification Service
    • 92: Adas Yereim of Paris Rabbi Y.D. Frankfurter
    • 93: Rabbi Mordechai Rottenberg (Chief Orthodox Rav of Paris)
    • 94: Kashrut Department of Maguen David Community in Mexico City
    • 95: K'hal Chizuk Hadas of Flatbush
    • 96: Beis Din of Crown Heights Vaad Hakashrus
    • 97: Orthodox Rabbinical Council of British Columbia
    • 98: Vaad Hoeir of Saint Louis
    • 99: Rabbi Gershon Mendel Garelik - Italy
    • 100: Chug Chasam Sofer
    • 101: The Bais Din Tzedek of Agudath Israel, Moetzes HaKashrus
    • 102: Kedassia - The Joint Kashrus Committee of England
    • 103: Bais Ben Zion Kosher Certification
    • 104: Rabbi Shmuel Yaffa-Shlessinger (Strasbourg)
    • 105: Kashrus Department of the Beth Din of Johannesburg
    • 106: The Association for Reliable Kashrus
    • 107: Igud Hakashrus of Los Angeles(Kehillah Kosher)
    • 108: Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California
    • 109: Kosher Miami Vaad HaKashrus of Miami-Dade
    • 110: Orthodox Rabbinate of North Dade
    • 111: Indianapolis Beth Din
    • 112: Indianapolis Orthodox Board of Kashrus
    • 113: Iowa "Chai-K" Kosher Supervision
    • 114: Louisville Vaad Hakashrut
    • 115: Louisiana Kashrut Committee
    • 116: New England Kashrus LeMehadrin
    • 117: Vaad Hakashrus of Worcester
    • 118: Double U Kashrus Badatz Mehadrin USA
    • 119: Rabbinical Council of Bergen County
    • 120: Central Rabbinical Congress (Hisachdus HaRabanim)
    • 121: Vaad HaRabonim of Queens
    • 122: Vaad Harabanim of the Five Towns and Far Rockaway
    • 123: Cleveland Kosher
    • 124: Achdus Yisroel
    • 125: Melbourne Kashrut
    • 126: Far East Kashrut
    • 127: Gateshead Kashrus Authority
    • 128: Earth K
    • 129: Kosher Information Bureau
    • 130: Central California Kosher
    • 131: IKS Chicago Rabbinical Council
    • 132: Oregon Kosher
    • 133: Houston Kashruth Association
    • 134: Global Kosher
    • 135: Rabbi Mordechai Kaplinsky
    • 136: Quality Kosher Supervision
    • 137: Vaad Hakashrus of Tidewater, VA
    • 138: Vaad of Cincinnati
    • 139: Community Kashrut of Greater Philadelphia
    • 140: Kosher Los Angeles (KOLA)
    • 141: Va'ad HaKashruth of the Capital District (Albany, NY)
    • 142: Rabbi Aaron Teitelbaum (Nirbater Rav)
    • 143: New Square Kosher Council
    • 144: Rabbi Binyamin Gruber
    • 145: Rabbi M. Weissmandl (Rav of Nitra-Monsey)
    • 146: Kosher Maguen David Mexico
    • 147: Bedatz Mehadrin, Rehovot
    • 148: Kosher Kiwi of New Zealand
    • 149: Vaad Hakashrus of Northern California
    • 150: Midwest Kosher
    • 151: Kosher Organics
    • 152: Star-K Kosher Certification (chalav Yisrael)
    • 153: Coordinated Kosher Supervision
    • 154: Rabbi Aryeh Geretz
    • 155: SKS Kosher Certification Services
    • 156: Vaad Hakehilot of Memphis
    • 157: Federation of Synagogues
    • 158: Ajdut Israel Kosher
    • 159: UK Kashrut
    • 160: PARVE
    • 161: The "United States K"
    • 162: PAREVE
    • 163: Triangle Kosher Certification
    • 164: Vaad Ha'ir of Winnipeg
    • 165: Kosher Check
    • 166: Kosher Supervisores En Alimentos S.C.
    • 167: Cherry K Vaad Hakashruth
    • 168: Harav A. Wosner, Chug Chatam Sofer, Petach Tikvah, Israel
    • 169: Kosher Michigan Certification Agency
    • 170: Kosher Orthodox Certification Service
    • 171: Lancaster County Kosher
    • 172: Organization of Orthodox Kashruth Supervision
    • 173: Ottawa Vaad Hakashrut(OVH)
    • 174: Rabbi Nahum Ephraim Teitelboim, Volover Rav, NY, U.S.A.
    • 175: Rabino Abraham Benhamu, Communidad Judia del Peru
    • 176: Kosher Parve Madrid
    • 999: Generic Kosher code "K"
  • name (str)
  • address (str)
  • address2 (str)
  • city (str)
  • state (str)
  • zip (str)
  • country (str)
  • email (str)
  • phone (str)
  • url (str)
  • fax (str)
  • name (str)
  • value (str)
  • local (str): An abbreviation referencing the locale/state to which this deposit/refund applies.
  • amount (str): The deposit amount.
  • measure (Decimal): A numeric measurement.
  • uom (str): The unit in which the measure is expressed.
    • "BOX": # of boxes
    • "CT": count (# of units)
    • "CUP": # of cups
    • "FL OZ": fluid ounce
    • "FT": foot
    • "G": gram
    • "GAL": gallon
    • "IN": inch
    • "KIT": # of kits
    • "KG": kilogram
    • "KT": # of kits
    • "L": liter
    • "LB": pound
    • "MG": milligram
    • "ML": milliliter
    • "OZ": ounce
    • "PACK": # of packs
    • "PACKAGE": # of packs
    • "PIECE(S)": # of peices in a set
    • "PR": pair
    • "PT": pint
    • "QT": quart
    • "SQ FT": square foot
    • "SQ IN": square inch
    • "TBS": tablespoon
    • "YARDS": yard
    • "BAR": This unit of measure is usually accompanied by an empty value and should be ignored
  • temperature_indicator (str): "Frozen", "Chilled", "Perishable", or "Shelf Stable".
  • vegan (bool)
  • vegetarian (bool)
  • lactose_free (bool)
  • flavor (bool): Indicates whether the product contains artificial flavoring.
  • antibiotic_free (bool)
  • wheat_free (bool)
  • gluten_free (bool)
  • hormone_free (bool)
  • natural (bool)
  • nitrates_free (bool)
  • nitrites_free (bool)
  • organic (bool)
  • peanut_free (bool)
  • ready_to_cook (bool)
  • ready_to_heat (bool)
  • dairy_free (bool)
  • egg_free (bool)
  • non_gmo (bool)
  • kosher (bool)
  • shellfish_free (bool)
  • soy_free (bool)
  • milk_free (bool)
  • crustacean_free (bool)
  • fish_free (bool)
  • sesame_free (bool)
  • nut_free (bool)
  • halal (bool)
  • paleo (bool)
  • sequence (int)
  • title (str): Header text on this nutrition panel.
  • number_served_in_package (str)
  • number_of_servings (str)
  • serving_sizes (Sequence[ServingSize]): A list of ServingSize measurements, all referencing the same amount, but potentially quantified using differing units of measure. Typically, if more than one measurement is given, one will be metric, and the other will be imperial (US).
  • serving_size_full_txt (str)
  • racc_amt (Measurement): A reference amount is a specific, regulated quantity of a type of food usually eaten by an individual at one sitting, as established by Health Canada.
  • energy (int): The number of calories in a serving.
  • saturated_fat (Nutrient)
  • polyunsaturated_fat (Nutrient)
  • monounsaturated_fat (Nutrient)
  • trans_fat (Nutrient)
  • cholesterol (Nutrient)
  • sodium (Nutrient)
  • potassium (Nutrient)
  • carbohydrates (Nutrient)
  • dietary_fiber (Nutrient)
  • soluable_fiber (Nutrient)
  • insoluable_fiber (Nutrient)
  • sugars (Nutrient)
  • sugar_alchohol (Nutrient)
  • other_carbohydrates (Nutrient)
  • protein (Nutrient)

The following properties describe the percentage of each nutrient contained in a serving, potentially including descriptive modifiers composed of non-numeric digits such as "less than", "approximately", etc., in addition to numeric quantities.

  • daily_percent_of_vitamin_a (str)
  • daily_percent_of_vitamin_c (str)
  • daily_percent_of_calcium (str)
  • daily_percent_of_iron (str)
  • daily_percent_of_copper (str)
  • daily_percent_of_folic_acid (str)
  • daily_percent_of_iodine (str)
  • daily_percent_of_magnesium (str)
  • daily_percent_of_niacin (str)
  • daily_percent_of_phosphorous (str)
  • daily_percent_of_riboflavin (str)
  • daily_percent_of_thiamin (str)
  • daily_percent_of_vitamin_b12 (str)
  • daily_percent_of_vitamin_b6 (str)
  • daily_percent_of_vitamin_d (str)
  • daily_percent_of_vitamin_e (str)
  • daily_percent_of_vitamin_zinc (str)
  • text (str): A numeric measurement (expressed as text).
  • uom (str):
    • "kg": kilogram
    • "g": gram
    • "mg": milligram
    • "mcg": Microgram
    • "IU": international units
    • "PCT": percentage
  • daily_pct (str): % of daily value—potentially including modifiers such as "<" or "~", or a footnote reference such as "*" or "**" in addition to a numeric quantity.
  • calories (int): # of calories—potentially including modifiers such as "<" or "~", or a footnote reference such as "*" or "**" in addition to a numeric quantity.
  • measure (Decimal): A numeric measurement.
  • uom (str): The unit of measure.
  • type (str): "us" or "metric"
  • fat_free (bool)
  • good_source_of_fiber (bool)
  • low_fat (bool)
  • low_sodium (bool)
  • sugar_free (bool)

Brands, Manufacturers & Retailers

A list of brands, manufacturers, or retailers (and their corresponding IDs) can be retrieved using the methods ItemMaster.brands(), ItemMaster.manufacturers(), or ItemMaster.retailers(), respectively:

for brand in item_master.brands():  # type: Brand
    print('Brand ID: %s\nBrand Name: %s\n\n' % (,

for manufacturer in item_master.manufacturers():  # type: Manufacturer
    print('Manufacturer ID: %s\nManufacturer Name: %s\n\n' % (,

for retailer in item_master.retailers():  # type: Retailer
    print('Retailer ID: %s\nRetailer Name: %s\n\n' % (,