FlySky iBus to PPM Converter based on PIC12F1572 Hardware. Useful if you have patched your i6 transmitter for 8 channels.

Input is the iBus stream from an iA6B receiver. May also work with other receivers but I haven'tried it. Outputs an 8 channel PPM stream to go into flight controller. Also outputs PWM channels for channel 7 and 8 to use with the 6 from the receiver if you want 8 channels of PWM.

More details will follow when I get around to it, but for the time being for those who are used to PIC development, here is the method.

  • Download and install Microchips MPLabs X and XC8 Compiler
  • Create a new project selecting PIC12F1572
  • Only one source file is needed main.c
  • Compile
  • Download to your chip. I use PicKit 3.

Circuit is very simple hardly justifies a schematic ...

  • 1 VDD +5V (If driving from RC Receiver make sure does not exceed 5.5V))
  • 2 UART RX iBus input
  • 3 UART TX Not Used
  • 4 MCLR Only used for programming
  • 5 RA2 8 Channel PPM Output
  • 6 RA1 PWM Ch8 Output + Programming
  • 7 RA0 PWM Ch7 Output + Programming
  • 8 VSS 0V

100nF decoupling capacitor between pins 1 & 8

You can flatten out the pins of the chip and solder wires direct to them or make a mini pcb. Encapsulate with some heat shrink sleaving. With an MSOP chip and a fine soldering iron it can be tiny.