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Andrew Gerrand
runtime: fix windows build
runtime: add Goroutines
Eoghan Sherry
ld: fix dwarf decoding of 64-bit reflect values
Russ Cox
runtime: debugging help on 386
Nigel Tao
html: handle unexpected EOF during parsing.
Russ Cox
cc: allow $ as letter in pragma arguments
Robert Griesemer
go/parser: Better comment for ParseFile.
Rob Pike
throughout: fix broken calls to Printf etc.
Andrew Gerrand
doc: add link to WindowsPort page from install.html
Russ Cox
http: fix build
Eoghan Sherry
gc: skip undefined symbols in import .
Russ Cox
crypto/tls: add *Config argument to Dial
Christian Himpel
crypto/tls: fix build of certificate generation example
Russ Cox
CONTRIBUTORS: add alias ==
Michael Hoisie
exec.LookPath: return os.PathError instad of os.ENOENT, it's more descriptive.
Nigel Tao
html: move the sanity checking of the entity map from runtime
http: Add EncodeQuery, a handy helper function for constructing URL query strings.
8l : add dynimport to import table in Windows PE, initial make cgo dll work.
build: Allow archiver to be specified in the environment with HOST_AR.
Eoghan Sherry
errchk: accept multiple source files
bufio: make Reader.Read implement io.Reader semantics
syscall, net: Add Recvmsg and Sendmsg on Linux.
Russ Cox
flag: handle multiple calls to flag.Parse
Robert Griesemer
go/scanner: remove Tokenize() - was only used in tests
Eoghan Sherry
gc: fix method offsets of anonymous interfaces
Dean Prichard
sync: small naming fix for armv5
Andrew Gerrand
runtime: fix build for nacl
Ryan Hitchman
html: unescape numeric entities, and complete the named entities table, including two-character entities.
Nigel Tao
html: first cut at a parser.
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