Primarily, this bot is meant to be run by me (Gracenotes, Matt Gruen) in
#go-nuts and #go-run on irc.freenode.net. If you'd like to use the bot, or
parts of it, this might be useful to you. Other documentation is one the way.

Sections: Making, File dependencies, Security, Controlling the bot,
          Other compiler modifications, Other features, Formatting

== Making ==
Currently, all files are in the main package. The Makefile creates an
executable, not a library which other Go programs can use. After all, go-bot is
an application. The only packages required are those in the standard Go
distribution, and possibly a 'safer' copy of the standard Go distribution in
$GOROOT/safe, which will be used. This set-up is tentative, but tenable enough
for actually running the bot in #go-nuts.

== File dependencies ==
To run the bot, there must be a Go root at $GOROOT/safe (this is set in
run.go's GetDefaultConfig function, and can be changed), and a newline-
separated list of modules to import in $GOROOT/go-bot/modules, set in
AssignMain. My intention is that any module not in the list will not be
imported. A modules 'mod' is imported if the string 'mod.' is found in
the source code.

== Security ==
Note that os and io are importable; in my configuration at $GOROOT/safe, I
have hackily altered the os package to disable 'dangerous' functionality.
This involves only allowing file IO for fd <= 2 in os/file.go, no other
filesystem or exec-related syscalls, etc. Note that io does not need to
be altered, since it only uses os (the same is true for go/parser, path,
bufio, and others).

Disallow imports from os and all modules that use it if you have not done this,
or want to fully allow all functionality.

As an alternative, a ptrace/chroot environment with free imports might be both
safer and more useful, but not any less complex to set up.

== Controlling the bot ==
Currently, only individuals with the IRC hostname *!person@wikipedia/Gracenotes
may control the bot. This is obviously not acceptable if you're not me, so
feel free to change this. Of course, nicks are spoofable and addresses may
be shared, so a password and admin-tracking system might be required to get
around this. As a controller, you can send "@go" and "@stop" to start and
stop execution (off by default). You can also make the bot send arbitrary
lines to the server with, for instance, ":PRIVMSG #channel :Message" in private

== Other compiler modifications ==
I've changed the compiler errors for both unused variables and unused imports
into warnings. I think that keeping them as errors is more inconvenient in
contrast to whatever true mistakes they might catch. It is possible the
source code may contain such variables, e.g. errors.

== Other features ==
...are being added! Feel free to suggest enhancements or
bugfixes to http://code.google.com/p/go-bot/issues/list

== Formatting ==
I don't run my code through gofmt, though this is a definite future
possibility. The main difference stylistically is that I like to keep
one-line blocks compact, particularly those containing merely a 'continue'
or 'return'.