Author Commit Message Labels Comments Date
misc/dashboard/codereview: recognize "NOT LGTM".
Brad Fitzpatrick
net/http: don't modify Request Method's case
Russ Cox
syscall: apply comment from Mikioh
Alexey Borzenkov
syscall: workaround accept() bug on Darwin
Benny Siegert
runtime/cgo: fix netbsd build
misc/vim: fix :Import insertion heuristic.
Han-Wen Nienhuys
syscall: don't clobber source files if fails.
Andrew Balholm
exp/html: replace NUL with U+FFFD in text in foreign content
Ian Lance Taylor
misc/cgo/test: only run setgid test on GNU/Linux
Marcel van Lohuizen
exp/locale/collate: changed trie in first step towards support for multiple locales.
Rob Pike
flag: fix bug in handling of booleans on error
log/syslog: don't append \n if there is one
os: move epipecheck from file_posix.go and into file_unix.go to fix windows build
Dmitriy Vyukov
os: fix data race in epipecheck()
Ian Lance Taylor
misc/cgo/test: add test for issue 3871: cgo setgid hang on GNU/Linux
Andrew Balholm
exp/html: parse CDATA sections in foreign content
Ian Lance Taylor
runtime: ignore signal 33 == SIGSETXID on GNU/Linux
Robert Griesemer
go/printer: don't crash if ast.FuncType.Params is nil
Andrew Balholm
exp/html: replace NUL bytes in plaintext, raw text, and RCDATA
Andrew Wilkins
exp/types: process ast.Fun in checkObj; fix variadic function building
Robert Griesemer
A+C: added Andrew Wilkins (individual contributor)
Andrew Balholm
exp/html: don't insert empty text nodes
Ian Lance Taylor
cgo: fix declarations in _cgo_export.c
Dave Cheney
cmd/godoc: delete -path flag
Brad Fitzpatrick
testing: allow concurrent use of T and B
Andrew Balholm
exp/html: allow frameset if body contains whitespace
encoding/gob: test for type registration name.
Mikio Hara
net: fix comment
Rob Pike
text/template: fix bug in map indexing
Rob Pike
encoding/gob: revert 6348067, which broke compatibility
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