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Andrew Gerrand
release.2011-01-19 R=r, rsc, r2 CC=golang-dev
Andrew Gerrand
net: remove duplicate import of runtime R=rsc CC=golang-dev
Andrew Gerrand
syscall: attempt to fix windows build, supply missing constant R=r, brainman, rsc1 CC=golang-dev
Adam Langley
crypto/twofish: update with rsc's comments TBR=rsc R=rsc CC=berengar.lehr, golang-dev
Ken Thompson
arm bug with stack adjust R=r CC=golang-dev
codereview: fix hg change on Windows hg change fails on Windows with 'No valid patches found in output from hg diff'. R=rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Robert Griesemer
godoc: enable fulltext index by default - added flag -maxresults (default: 10000) to limit the max. number of full text results shown - removed flag -fulltext; use -maxresults=0 to disable fulltext index - better indication on result page if not all results are shown (... after line list) R=rsc, gri1 CC=golang-dev
Robert Griesemer
godoc: enable qualified identifiers ("math.Sin") as query strings again A query string of the form ident.ident will be used both as a qualified identifier for identifier search and as a regular expression. Qualified identifier lookup got broken accidentally when introducing regexp full text search. Cleaned up surrounding logic a bit. R=rsc CC=golang-dev
Gustavo Niemeyer
xml: handle tag paths through the same element With the current implementation, xml unmarshalling will silently fail to unmarshal any paths passing through the same element, such as: type T struct { A string "dummy>a" B string "dummy>b" } This change tweaks the algorithm so that this works correctly. Also, using paths that would cause the same element to unmarshal twice will error out ahead of time explaining the problem, rather than sile…
Rob Pike
runtime/debug: fix build (missing Makefile) Why does this happen so often? R=rsc CC=golang-dev
5a, 5l, 6a, 6l, 8a, 8l: handle out of memory, large allocations Fixes issue 392. R=rsc, r2 CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Russ Cox
A+C: Jeff R. Allen (individual CLA) R=r, r2 CC=golang-dev
netchan: do not block sends; implement flow control. When data is received for a channel, but that channel is not ready to receive it, the central run() loop is currently blocked, but this can lead to deadlock and interference between independent channels. This CL adds an explicit buffer size to netchan channels (an API change) - the sender will not send values until the buffer is non empty. The protocol changes to send ids rather than channel names because acks can still be sent after a channel is hung up, we we need an identifier that can be ignored. R=r, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Rob Pike <>
Rob Pike
runtime/debug: new package Facilities for printing stack traces from within a running goroutine. R=rsc CC=golang-dev
Russ Cox
net: fix build on freebsd TBR=adg CC=golang-dev
Brad Fitzpatrick
http: support for relative URLs R=rsc, adg CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
net: add LookupAddr R=adg, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Russ Cox
CONTRIBUTORS: secondary email for Kyle Lemons R=r, gri CC=golang-dev
windows: implement exception handling R=rsc, brainman CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
8l: pe changes Dll names and function names padded to even size. Refactoring of imports writing code. R=rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
net: implement windows timeout R=brainman, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Ryan Hitchman
codereview: don't mail change lists with no files R=rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
net, syscall: return source address in Recvmsg R=rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
cgo: add complex float, complex double R=rsc CC=binet, golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Eoghan Sherry
math: handle denormals in Frexp, Ilogb, Ldexp, and Logb Also: * document special cases for Frexp and Ldexp * handle ±Inf in Ldexp * correctly return -0 on underflow in Ldexp * test special cases for Ldexp * test boundary cases for Frexp, Ilogb, Ldexp, and Logb R=rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
net: add unixpacket R=golang-dev, rsc, rsc1 CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
regexp: reject bare ? Minor cleanup: - removed a duplicate test case - added a function to remove repeated code - for consistency, replaced "return nil" with a panic at an unreachable point Fixes issue 1428. R=golang-dev, r, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Rob Pike
CONTRIBUTORS: add Ben Lynn (Google employee) R=benlynn, rsc CC=golang-dev Committer: Russ Cox <>
Russ Cox
runtime: add per-pause gc stats R=r, r2 CC=golang-dev
Russ Cox
fmt: document %X of string, []byte suggested by Mark Summerfield R=r CC=golang-dev
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