go-debian-kfreebsd / src / pkg / bytes / asm_arm.s

// Copyright 2009 The Go Authors.  All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.

TEXT ·IndexByte(SB),7,$0
	MOVW	base+0(FP), R0
	MOVW	len+4(FP), R1
	MOVBU	c+12(FP), R2	// byte to find
	MOVW	R0, R4		// store base for later
	ADD	R0, R1		// end 

	CMP	R0, R1
	B.EQ	_notfound
	MOVBU.P	1(R0), R3
	CMP	R2, R3
	B.NE	_loop

	SUB	$1, R0		// R0 will be one beyond the position we want
	SUB	R4, R0		// remove base
	MOVW    R0, index+16(FP) 

	MOVW	$-1, R0
	MOVW	R0, index+16(FP)

TEXT ·Equal(SB),7,$0
	B	·equalPortable(SB)
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