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Default avatar Russ Cox
Default avatar Russ Cox
delete float, complex - code changes
Default avatar Russ Cox
gc: delete float, complex
Default avatar Russ Cox
misc: update type + builtin lists found in editor support files
Default avatar Rob Pike
docs: float->float64 plus a couple of other tweaks.
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
go spec: remove float, complex in favor of float64 and complex128
Default avatar Andrew Gerrand
tag release.2011-01-19
Default avatar Andrew Gerrand
Default avatar Andrew Gerrand
net: remove duplicate import of runtime
Default avatar Andrew Gerrand
syscall: attempt to fix windows build, supply missing constant
Default avatar Adam Langley
crypto/twofish: update with rsc's comments
Default avatar Ken Thompson
arm bug with stack adjust
Default avatar Hector Chu
codereview: fix hg change on Windows
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
godoc: enable fulltext index by default
Default avatar Robert Griesemer
godoc: enable qualified identifiers ("math.Sin") as query strings again
Default avatar Gustavo Niemeyer
xml: handle tag paths through the same element
Default avatar Rob Pike
runtime/debug: fix build (missing Makefile)
jeffallen avatarjeffallen
5a, 5l, 6a, 6l, 8a, 8l: handle out of memory, large allocations
Default avatar Russ Cox
A+C: Jeff R. Allen (individual CLA)
rogpeppe avatarrogpeppe
netchan: do not block sends; implement flow control.
Default avatar Rob Pike
runtime/debug: new package
Default avatar Russ Cox
net: fix build on freebsd
Default avatar Brad Fitzpatrick
http: support for relative URLs
kylelemons avatarkylelemons
net: add LookupAddr
Default avatar Russ Cox
CONTRIBUTORS: secondary email for Kyle Lemons
Default avatar Hector Chu
windows: implement exception handling
brainman avatarbrainman
8l: pe changes
vcc avatarvcc
net: implement windows timeout
Ryan Hitchman avatarRyan Hitchman
codereview: don't mail change lists with no files
fullung avatarfullung
net, syscall: return source address in Recvmsg
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