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Lampfire Shoal

Lampfire Shoal is a modern PHP library that consists of PSR-4 autoloader compatible PHP classes with source code written by David Cloutman, a senior PHP programmer with over 18 years of PHP experience. The code is currently alpha quality. Look for v1.0 some time in the future for stability and completeness.

Lampfire Shoal may be used in anyone's projects for any purpose. This library is presented in the hope that they may be useful, but its usefulness is not guaranteed. (That's legal-speak for, "Please do not sue me if my code ruins your day or life.")

Installable via Composer through packagist: lampfire/shoal


Release Notes


This version has the following primary goals.

  • Create unit test coverage for the majority of classes
  • Fix bugs from previous releases discovered by unit tests
  • Convert method names and variables to camel case to better match PSR standards
  • Bring comments into conformity with the PHPDoc standard so that API documentation can be auto-generated
  • Improve the password hashing algorithm so that hashes have a higher computational cost.
  • Introduce an implementation of a circularly linked list