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WARNING: at this early stage of the development, don't even think about any backward compatibility.


  • Fed up with bloated websites full of noise.
  • Tired of cmd+++++ on each website I visit.
  • Exhausted by crapy social widgets.
  • Frustrated by 404s on my old bookmarks.


Create a virtualenv (optional) and install dependencies from requirements.txt with pip:

$ pip install -r requirements.txt

You need to have a redis-server launched too for persistence/cache. Python 2.6+ is required, Python 3 is not (yet) supported.


Launch the python script:

$ python src/
INFO:werkzeug: * Running on

Go to the running URL and enjoy a clutter free browsing experience!

Read the whole documentation at /doc directly in your new browser.


BSD licensed:

take my code with you
and do whatever you want
but please don’t blame me

License Haiku


This is an opiniated tool, here are some features I'd like to add and I'll probably not accept your pull-request otherwise so if you plan to contribute, please contact me before or discuss using issues.

  • pre-fetching of links in background (on hover?), need to be asynchronuous
  • deal with non-article pages (homepages, lists, etc)
  • add tests using casperjs

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