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Issue #30 resolved

Add tests

Andrei Kopats
created an issue

I've converted "Protocol example 1.0a" document to set of tests.

The class is below. Excuse me, no time to prepare a pull request. Copy-paste a test class from the attached file.

Comments (4)

  1. Michał Jaworski

    It seems that your tests are internally broken:

    ERROR: test_access_not_granted_by_the_user (oauth_provider.tests.protocol.ProtocolExample)
    Traceback (most recent call last):
      File "../..\oauth_provider\tests\protocol.py", line 151, in test_access_not_granted_by_the_user
        token = self._obtain_request_token()
      File "../..\oauth_provider\tests\protocol.py", line 113, in _obtain_request_token
      File "../..\oauth_provider\tests\protocol.py", line 102, in _validate_request_token_response
        last_token = self._last_created_request_token()
    AttributeError: 'ProtocolExample' object has no attribute '_last_created_request_token'

    Could you correct that? I've put your tests into separate branch until they are not fixed.

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