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django-oauth-plus / development

How to contribute?

Any contributions are welcome. If you have found a bug or have any suggestion how to make this package better, just create new issue in our issue tracker and we will take a look. If we can and want we will fix that.

If you have any code or fix you want to include in django-oauth-plus, create new pull request and we will merge it. Just remember to follow this simple rules:

  • one issue - one pull request
  • one issue - one feature branch
  • run tox tests before submitting pull request

Tah means every separate feature/issue should be handled in separate branch. There is no naming convention but it would be nice if you use some readable and descritive names like feature/also-making-coffee or refactor/pep8-nazis-are-back.

You can use oauth_provider/runtests/ script to simply run tests in your current environment but before submitting pull request it is essential to test against all supported versions of Django, python, etc. To perform these tests use tox:

pip install tox

Pull requests that don't pass all tests won't be merged.

You can also contribute by submitting patches in issues.