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some restyling and updated requirements.txt for yaml support

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 from django.conf.urls.defaults import patterns, url
-from permissionsexample.views import PermissionsExampleView, ThrottlingExampleView, LoggedinView
+from permissionsexample.views import PermissionsExampleView, ThrottlingExampleView, LoggedInExampleView
 urlpatterns = patterns('',
     url(r'^$', PermissionsExampleView.as_view(), name='permissions-example'),
     url(r'^throttling$', ThrottlingExampleView.as_view(), name='throttled-resource'),
-    url(r'^loggedin$', LoggedinView.as_view(), name='loggedin-resource'),
+    url(r'^loggedin$', LoggedInExampleView.as_view(), name='loggedin-resource'),


         return "Successful response to GET request because throttle is not yet active."
-class LoggedinView(View):
+class LoggedInExampleView(View):
+    """
+    You can login with **'test', 'test'.** 
+    """
     permissions = (IsAuthenticated, )
     def get(self, request):
         return 'Logged in or not?'


     4. A generic object store API.
     5. A code highlighting API.
     6. A blog posts and comments API.
-    7. A basic example using permissions. You can login with **'test', 'test'.** 
+    7. A basic example using permissions.
     Please feel free to browse, create, edit and delete the resources in these examples."""
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