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Getting ready for 1.4 release

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 Django-ROA's changelog
+Version 1.4, 15 September 2009:
+* Support for named relations.
+* Support for proxy models.
+* Fix a bug to deal with ModelForms
+* Switch from restclient to the latest tip of restkit (>0.8.2)
+* Update piston to the latest tip (>0.2.3rc1)
+* Introduce a new settings, ROA_HEADERS, to specify headers sent to the server
+* Better errors' feedback from the server
 Version 1.3, 25 May 2009:
+Thank you guys!
+My special thanks to Benoît Chesneau and Jesper Noehr for restkit and piston
+(respectively), their reactivity and thoughts on the project.
+It has to be said.
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