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Getting ready for 1.7 release

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 Django-ROA's changelog
+Version 1.7, 11 May 2012:
+* @neokeeper aka Martin Skala updated the code in many ways: introduced an
+  ROA_FILTERS setting to provide authentication on resources' access,
+  improved single instance retrieval, dealt with pks instead of ids when 
+  possible, updated requirements, code clean up, documentation and 
+  example updates. Many thanks!
+* @NikhilChelliah fixed a bug related to object saving and non-int ids. 
+  Thanks!
 Version 1.6, 16 July 2010:
 My special thanks to Benoît Chesneau and Jesper Noehr for restkit and piston
 (respectively), their reactivity and thoughts on the project.
+Martin Skala made an impressive work on maintenance and improvements of the 
+library in early 2012. This is highly rewarding and motivating as an 
+Open-Source project.
 It has to be said.
     name = 'django-roa',
-    version = '1.6',
+    version = '1.7',
     url = 'http://code.welldev.org/django-roa/wiki/Home',
 	download_url = 'http://code.welldev.org/django-roa/downloads/',
     license = 'BSD',
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