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Issue #1 resolved

Installation conflicts with other packages

James Oakley
created an issue

If you must include local copies of 3rd-party modules, please install them as submodules of roa.

I just installed roa and had to track down why one of my projects, which uses the current version of restkit, broke. Your installation overwrote my existing restkit installation with an older one.

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  1. David Larlet repo owner
    • changed status to open

    Thanks for your feedback, that fact is restkit evolves too fast for me to be able to be sure that the latest version doesn't break tests so I prefer to bundle it with roa... but I'll reconsider my position on this topic.

  2. James Oakley reporter

    Bundling is fine. Many packages bundle specific versions of 3rd-party libraries. Django bundles a specific version of simplejson, for example, but it is installed under site-packages/django/utils/simplejson, so that it does not conflict with a primary installation.

    Your package is overwriting the primary installation, so if something else needs a newer version, it will no longer work. If a user then reinstalls the newer restkit, roa will break. If you install restkit somewhere under roa, like Django does with simplejson, nothing will break.

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