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Django-ROA's changelog

Version 1.7, 11 May 2012:

* @neokeeper aka Martin Skala updated the code in many ways: introduced an
  ROA_FILTERS setting to provide authentication on resources' access,
  improved single instance retrieval, dealt with pks instead of ids when 
  possible, updated requirements, code clean up, documentation and 
  example updates. Many thanks!
* @NikhilChelliah fixed a bug related to object saving and non-int ids. 

Version 1.6, 16 July 2010:

* Switch to pip's requirements.txt file for external dependencies (restkit and
  piston, note that the later is only useful for tests).
* @cyril fixed a lot of bugs, see changeset 86a68259e83e for details. Thanks!
* @cyrilrbt fixed missing ROA_CUSTOM_ARGS on delete. Thanks!

Version 1.5, 7 January 2010:

* Support for Django 1.2 alpha, no more patch required.
* Handle ManyToMany relations only with the required "through" argument,
  it allows you to define a URL for this resource.
* Update restkit to the latest tip (>0.9.2)
* Update piston to the latest tip (>0.2.3rc1)
* Deprecate "remoteauth" application for now, mapping of M2M relations is not
  fully compatible, you should still be able to use the User model though but
  Permissions and Groups' relation will not be correct anymore.
  This is still a work in progress, suggestions welcome!

Version 1.4, 15 September 2009:

* Support for named relations.
* Support for proxy models.
* Fix a bug to deal with ModelForms
* Switch from restclient to the latest tip of restkit (>0.8.2)
* Update piston to the latest tip (>0.2.3rc1)
* Introduce a new settings, ROA_HEADERS, to specify headers sent to the server
* Better errors' feedback from the server

Version 1.3, 25 May 2009:

* First Open-Source release! (BSD license)
* Handle ManyToMany relations in a RESTful way.
* Support for unicode.
* Support of custom de/serialization improved.
* Addition of a Django command (inspectresources).
* Add a couple of useful new settings (see documentation).
* Switch tests to django-piston (0.2.1) and to unittests, use of logging.
* Update py-restclient to the latest revision (1.3.2).
* Backward incompatible changes: count is now handled by it's own URL via
  get_resource_url_count (default is get_resource_url_list/count/ but you can
  customize it).

Version 1.2, 30 April 2009:

* Update (Null)Boolean fields, Django doesn't allow anymore null=True.
* Move documentation to BitBucket's wiki.
* Update py-restclient to the latest revision (1.3).

Version 1.1, 28 February 2009:

* Add support for Groups and Permissions in remoteauth application (still
  depends on builtin Django's ContentTypes).
* Add support for ModelForms with complex relations.
* Add an example to document the use of a custom serializer.
* Update py-restclient to the latest revision.
* Backward incompatible changes: RemoteUser model has been renamed to User and
  ROAUserManager to UserManager to be consistent with the existing auth app.

Version 1.0, 23 January 2009:

* Add support for many-to-many relations.
* Warning: Many-to-many relations depends on Django's issue #10109, apply the 
  attached patch if you need it.
* Update py-restclient to 1.1.4.

Version 0.9, 9 January 2009:

* Ease subclassing of MethodDispatcher with custom slugs.

Version 0.8, 7 January 2009:

* Add support for admin options except search_fields because of advanced
  querysets based on Q objects.
* Support for ManyToMany relations in progress.
* Warning: trunk version of Django is required for now, prior to revision 9695
  in order to handle FloatFields
* Bugfixes: ROA_URL_OVERRIDES_* settings are optionnal and ForeignKey fields
  should work as expected.
* Backward incompatible change: admin classes must inherit from
  django_roa.ModelAdmin to be consistent (see documentation and example).

Version 0.7, 2 January 2009:

* Add support for most useful fields (see specifications).
* Warning: there are some Django bugs (hopefully with patches) which are
  required in order to use BooleanFields with None values and JSON 
  serialization (#5563) or FloatFields which are considered as unicode 
  (#9942). Patch your Django installation if you need those ones, that's why
  actual tests failed.

Version 0.6, 28 December 2008:

* Clean up remoteauth application.
* Update py-restclient to 1.0.1.

Version 0.5, 27 December 2008:

* Backward incompatible change: Remote* classes had been renamed to ROA*, this
  is an internal change which should not affect your code.
* Add support for ROA_URL_OVERRIDES_* settings and a complete example.
* Declaration of default manager is no more required, if you inherit from
  django_roa.Model it will be added automatically given your ROA_MODELS
* Use the latest version of restclient (0.2.1), no more httplib2 dependency.
  This version uses pycurl, urllib2 or httplib2 given your configuration, in
  this order of preferences.

Version 0.4, 27 December 2008:

* Backward incompatible change: resource_url_list is no more defined in Meta 
  class, now you must define your own get_resource_url_list static method in
  your Model class. resource_url_detail has been renamed as 
  get_resource_url_detail for consistency and is no more a property.
* Add support for ForeignKeys and XML serialization.
* Bugfixes: DateTimeField and BooleanField should work as expected.
* Add a complete example with a custom slug for multiple primary keys.
* Ease debugging with a summary displayed if you use the test server instead
  of the whole HTML error.

Version 0.3, 23 December 2008:

* Backward incompatible change: resource_url_id is no more defined in Meta 
  class, now you can define your own resource_url_detail property in your
  Model class. resource_url Meta attribute has been renamed as 
  resource_url_list for consistency.
* Bugfixes: RemoteQuerySet.count() and BooleanField should work as expected.
* Better documentation, still need improvements.

Version 0.2, 15 December 2008:

Include restclient dependency.

Version 0.1, 12 December 2008:

Initial release.