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 Not very clear? A picture is worth a thousand words:
-{{http://welldev.org/django-roa-diagram.png|Django-ROA diagram}}
+{{https://larlet.fr/static/david/code/django-roa-diagram.png|Django-ROA diagram}}
 In this diagram, the repository can be whatever you want, the only requirement is that it handles standard HTTP requests. As a developer all you have to do next is to use Django's ORM in your Django application (connectors are part of Django-ROA).
 It works! But even more interesting, you can use your lovely Django's built-in admin with your new models:
-{{http://welldev.org/twitter-roa-admin.png|Tweets in your Django admin}}
+{{https://larlet.fr/static/david/code/twitter-roa-admin.png|Tweets in your Django admin}}
 Now you'll even be able to clic on users to go to the Django's admin view. And so on.
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