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Set Content-Type header for use in upload_part_from_file

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         content_type = getattr(content, 'content_type',
             mimetypes.guess_type(name)[0] or Key.DefaultContentType)
+        # setting the content_type in the key object is not enough.
+        self.headers.update({'Content-Type': content_type})
         if self.gzip and content_type in self.gzip_content_types:
             content = self._compress_content(content)
             headers.update({'Content-Encoding': 'gzip'})
         if self.preload_metadata:
             self._entries[encoded_name] = key
         key.set_metadata('Content-Type', content_type)
         key.set_contents_from_file(content, headers=headers, policy=self.acl,
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