Issue #141 wontfix

Add support for OpenStack Swift ?

Robert C. Romano avatarRobert C. Romano created an issue

I know the current Rackspace implementation was moved to django-cumulus, and there is a ticket to merge it back.

However, it looks like the existing RackSpace support in django-storages and in django-cumulus are based on the old "Moss" RackSpace API.

Is there interest in adding support for OpenStack files ("Swift") generically in django-storages?

There are available bindings I am aware of: python-swiftclient and RackSpace's Pyrax ( I believe Pyrax would be good for direct RackSpace support, but Swift would work on anyone's OpenStack cloud.

Comments (7)

  1. Rich Leland

    Hi gang - I'm going to move the django-cumulus project back into storages per #125, but just as-is. I don't really do much work with Rackspace any more, so I'll leave any conversion work to using Swift to the community!

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