dateutil is used by last_modified but is not a requirement

Issue #111 wontfix
Ian Lewis created an issue

dateutil should either be listed as a requirement for s3boto or the dependency should be removed.

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  1. Jannis Leidel
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    Actually this seems to break the modified method, boto's Key objects return an ISO string for me, e.g. "2012-05-04T14:25:54.000Z". I guess we could easily do

    datetime.datetime.strptime(entry.last_modified, "%Y-%m-%dT%H:%M:%S")

    while stripping the (Z|GMT|UTC) from the end of the string.

  2. Ian Lewis reporter

    Yah, The AWS API seems to return different formats depending on the person ( or the alignment of the stars or something). Which is why I used dateutil to start with now that I think about it

    Anyway, I think this can be covered by issue #115. In any case I think we will have to parse multiple formats for this code to be robust :-/

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