Allow specifying S3 host from settings

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Jeppe Vesterbaek created an issue

Boto has a an issue with https and non-default regions. Bug report here:

A workaround for this bug is to specify the specific s3 host when creating S3Connection, e.g.

S3Connection(access_key, secret_key, calling_format=calling_format, host="")

It would be nice to add an AWS_S3_HOST setting and pass the value of this to S3Connection

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  1. Mark Harmison

    Another use case for this is to allow using django-storages with an alternative s3 implementation like fakes3 or s3ninja.

  2. Jaeyoung Lee

    I know, It was merged on #66 But deployed not yet.

    And this library's lastest version up at 2013.03.31... What is problem on deploying newer version?

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