Move django-cumulus back into django-storages

Issue #125 invalid
Rich Leland
created an issue

I've been maintaining a separate repo for Rackspace CloudFiles over on github called django-cumulus. I no longer use CloudFiles with any regularity so I think the best thing for the community would be to merge that back into django-storages, pulling the recent/best changes from each together.

This will require removal of the PendingDeprecationWarning in django-storages, updating docs and putting notification info on django-cumulus redirecting users to this repo.

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  1. Rich Leland reporter

    After discussing with some of the contributors and users of django-cumulus that code is going to remain separate. There are now several contributors that have stepped up to help maintain it.

    I do think we should officially remove the code from this repo for the next point release. It's had a PendingDeprecationWarning in there for some time. Thoughts?

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