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Issue #14 resolved
Adam Nelson created an issue

Please add django-storages to PyPI so that standard installers (pip) can use it. This will help immensely with third party distribution.

It would also be nice to rename django-storages to django-storage just because PyPI packages are pretty much always singular even when they front-end many domains.

Up to you of course.


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  1. David Larlet repo owner

    Thanks for the suggestion. We already discussed that previously with users and the issue with django-storages is that you probably only want one (or maybe two) storage(s) and adding a complete package can lead to import/dependency errors (e.g.: you don't want to install boto but the lib should be a requirement of the package).

    That being said, I'm not against doing a package but I need to have a clear use-case for packaging all storages in a unique one.

  2. Adam Nelson reporter

    I think any dependency (i.e. boto for s3boto) would only be evident if that storage backend were actually used. It seems that simple error checking at the top of each backend could confirm that dependencies are there and then throw an error.

    I see your point though, you don't want to be installing boto via setup where it's not going to be used. I think the best solution is to leave those dependencies manual for now. Then, the instructions would say something like:

    For Boto, follow these steps:

    pip install django-storage
    pip install boto
  3. Adam Nelson reporter

    This seems like the most parsimonious and easy solution - even if in theory there are more elegant ones.

  4. Richard Leland

    In the interim you could always install the editable checkout w/pip too:

    pip install -e hg+
  5. Adam Nelson reporter

    I just reread this and realized you needed a use case.

    For me, I need to set up many environments, and therefore I need to install hg on each of them in order to allow for automated installs. Alternately I could put django-storages in my repository and follow you, but that's less exciting.

    In addition, I can't create a portable version of pinax that uses an S3 backend until this is addressed. All pinax modules are moving towards PyPI installation (i.e. they won't accept them otherwise).

    I still think that requiring nothing is fine and then it can be up to the implementor to install the appropriate required modules as needed.

  6. David Larlet repo owner

    OK, thanks for your arguments (and sorry for the delayed answer, I was in holidays :)). My goal is to ease your use so I'll add this project to pypi.

  7. Adam Nelson reporter

    Some sort of 500 error:

    $ pip install --no-install --upgrade django-storages
    Downloading/unpacking django-storages
      Could not fetch URL (from HTTP Error 500: Internal Server Error
      Will skip URL when looking for download links for django-storages
      Could not find any downloads that satisfy the requirement django-storages
    No distributions at all found for django-storages
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