Feature request: provide support for cloudfront.(or CDNs in general)

Issue #165 wontfix
Ioan Alexandru Cucu
created an issue

Many developers using the s3boto backend might also use a CDN for delivering their content. The CDN would be using an S3 bucket as origin.

A simple way of being able to deliver content from a CDN would be to enhance S3BotoStorage.url

My suggestion would be to add two more settings:


USE_CDN is a callback that would be called in S3BotoStorage.url to determine whether the domain should be the CDN or S3.

If you think this would be an useful feature, I will happily open a pull request.

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  1. syphar

    Isn't the setting AWS_S3_CUSTOM_DOMAIN (in the s3boto-backend) exactly for this case? Files will be uploaded as usual and the generated url is just you custom domain and the path. (will not work if AWS_QUERYSTRING_AUTH is True, should set it to False)

    defined here: https://bitbucket.org/david/django-storages/src/4294a23b33f324df878240d519be005415a914ac/storages/backends/s3boto.py?at=default#cl-224

    used here: https://bitbucket.org/david/django-storages/src/4294a23b33f324df878240d519be005415a914ac/storages/backends/s3boto.py?at=default#cl-467

  2. Ioan Alexandru Cucu reporter

    Agree. But I would like to be able to choose between the S3 domain and the CDN domain based on the result returned by the callback.

    Use case:

    Imagine you upload a new version of a file. It will take a while until the file gets updated on the CDN. Until the file gets updated on the CDN I would like to be able to serve it from S3. Once it's updated, switch back to the CDN.

  3. Ian Lewis

    I got around this by uploading files with a new name so that it would be updated right away on the CDN (cloudfront). You can also manually invalidate the file on cloudfront when you upload a new version.

    In general I think that going back and forth between CDN and S3 is an application specific thing and you should subclass the S3BotoStorage class and override the url() method.

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