Moving to Github

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David Larlet repo owner created an issue

The plan is to move to Github under for various reasons (community, reviews and so on).

Remaining questions:

  1. Which method do we use to migrate from hg to git? Is it pertinent to keep both? The history?
  2. How do we migrate issues? Pull-requests?
  3. Add yours :)

I think it would be cool to do that on a short period, like a sprint weekend, to merge/fix/clean as many things as we can before moving.

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  1. Richard Leland

    We could use hg-git to push all existing content into the hg repo. As far as migrating, what about this approach:

    1. Determine the cut off date for switching to gh (sprint)
    2. Keep repo in sync across bitbucket/gh until the cutoff
    3. Respond to any new issues or PR requests by asking to create them via github
    4. Triage existing tickets, maybe only transfer from now back to start of 2013?
    5. Triage existing PRs, transfer what makes sense? Ask authors to re-submit?
    6. Switch over to gh
    7. Disable issues/PRs on this repo, notify users it has moved via README, description? (unless bitbucket supports redirecting upon deletion of repo)

    Along the way we just need to make sure we keep folks informed via twitter/IRC/etc. Since we don't have frequent releases, lots of folks probably depend on this repo to install django-storages. We could even add this to the README so they see it big and blaring when they visit the repo on bitbucket.

    Great idea re: the sprint weekend.

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