object has no attribute 'azure_bucket' - Easy fix

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Dominic Fath created an issue


I had the error " object has no attribute 'azure_bucket' " coming up when trying to run python manage.py compress on my django app.


I resolved it with rewriting line 65 in azure_storage.py:

from " (self.azure_bucket, name) "

to " (self.azure_container, name) "

I guess it was a legacy left over?

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  1. Diego Felipe Sanchez Gomez

    I have the same error. I followed the suggestion of Dominic but my app is not charging the static files.

  2. David Schumann

    Neither the fork nor the PR seem to exist anymore. The django-storages version that I installed was probably built against a completely different python azure cli version. Because a LOT is broken.

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