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Kyle MacFarlane
created an issue

Because of the way the default FileSystemStorage behaves (calls safe_join on paths), feeding it a relative URL will get the MEDIA_ROOT prepended to it.

All the storage backends (s3 doesn't) should probably behave the same way for compatibility.

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  1. Ian Lewis

    MEDIA_ROOT is a setting specific to the FileSystemStorage and shouldn't be used by other storage backends. It isn't used anywhere else in Django except the FileSystemStorage.

    We also already support a base path for the s3boto backend in the location setting.

  2. ryanbagwell

    I worked around this by doing the following:

    from storages.backends.s3boto import S3BotoStorage
    class StaticFilesStorage(S3BotoStorage):
        location = 'static'
    class MediaStorage(S3BotoStorage):
        location = 'media'

    then, in

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