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Adam Nelson created an issue

I feel like I brought this up before, but maybe I didn't.

backends/ should be deprecated in favor of backends/ is based off an Amazon script that is unmaintained and mostly unused (except here). This wouldn't be such a problem, except that commits that could be done on boto to improve everybody's Python experience are being done in the silo of, like this:

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  1. Jason Christa

    In my experiences of using both S3 and S3Boto, they don't even behave the same and are broken in different ways. It would be great just to have one S3 library.

  2. David Larlet repo owner
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    More interestingly, a common code base with different "backend" (to keep django's terminology) can be an interesting option to handle S3 storages.

  3. Adam Nelson reporter

    Isn't that the way it is now?

    I'm just noticing that people are constantly referring to and making commits to it when it's really just a sample script that shouldn't be used in production. is where everybody should be working it seems to me.

    New people don't know that and they just jump in with

  4. David Larlet repo owner

    I mean, at the storage level, an S3BaseStorage class with S3Storage and S3BotoStorage children.

  5. Adam Nelson reporter

    I think a BaseStorage class would make sense in other situations, but in this case, the s3 backend was created from a very old example Python implementation that Amazon stopped supporting a long time ago. s3boto is the backend that everybody, especially new users should be using for s3 access. I think this is really confusing to new users of the library.

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