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Issue #60 resolved

add support for Google Storage for Developers

Anonymous created an issue

Is anyone planning to add support for Google storage? (http://code.google.com/apis/storage/docs/overview.html)

It appears to work with a modified boto so maybe it would be possible to combine s3 and google storage?

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  1. Armando Perez

    To use Google Cloud Storage, two settings must be set: GS_ACCESS_KEY_ID and GS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY, but I can't find those values on the Google Apis Console. Here, it says I must use the x-goog-project-id header to identify the project and provide a group ID based on the user role.

    Where do I find the two settings required for django-storages to work with Google Cloud Storage?

  2. Chee-Hyung Yoon

    You can find those two settings in Google APIs Console. Select Google Cloud Storage in the left panel and choose Interoperable Access. You should be able to generate access key and secret there.

    Google Cloud Storage support was merged in pull request #41.

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