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Wim Leers
created an issue

Today I published the Drupal integration module of my bachelor thesis. And just mere hours afterwards, I got a feature request [1] asking for Mosso Cloud Files support.

Then I started looking and found a seemingly ready-to-go Django Storage subclass [2].

It still needs review, but from the looks of the project page and a look at the code [3], it's ready.

I'm not sure how to proceed: should we fork the code or just depend on django-cumulus? We can't expect him to rely on django-storages, obviously.

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  1. Wim Leers reporter

    Because he's building an all-in-one package toward using/administering Cloud Files? I guess asking doesn't hurt :) Will do so in a sec. Update: done!

  2. Rich Leland

    Hi Wim - just replied to your message. Would love to chat. It really wouldn't make sense for django-storages to rely on django-cumulus. The other way around makes more sense, since my app eventually won't be solely focused on the storage class. Let's chat about how to move forward.

  3. David Larlet repo owner


    What about IRC? I'm on (david`bgk), do not hesitate to /query me. Wim: no problem if you'd like to be part of the conversation too :)

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