Issue #94 wontfix

[s3] Documentation error for S3Storage

Vasya NA
created an issue


If file does not exists - then impossible create him via open() in write-mode.

That is, this code will raise IOError: File does not exist: test {{{


f ='test', 'w') }}}

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  1. Ian Lewis

    I'm thinking that opening a file that doesn't exist for write like this should work. So if it's not working that should be fixed rather than the documentation.

  2. Anonymous

    I've ran in the same issue. Why is there no action taken for that ? I agree with Ian Lewis that this feature is useful and it would be great to see it working.

  3. Ben C

    Actually, I need this use case to work. Beyond fixing this documentation, is there a way to make this work?

    My use case is that I need to process image files hosted on another server and then save them off to s3. This would be easy using PIL and a FILE handle that I was hoping storages would give me to pass to PIL.

    If not, can someone point me to a workaround?

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