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#22 Open

Entries cache more usefull, and safer

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hg commit -m 'Merged in alanjds/django-storages/s3_bucket_cache (pull request #22)'
  1. Alan Justino da Silva

Entries cache got more usefull and safe. It caches the know entries, proxies the bucket.get_key and got flushed at bucket.delete_key. It is safe from keys getting added behind your back.

If saved me from a lot of HEAD requests

Comments (3)

  1. David Larlet repo owner


    Can you detail the workflow of your use-case, I can't see exactly what is cached and when it's useful to avoid extra requests.

    Thanks for your contribution, David

  2. Alan Justino da Silva author


    Disclamer: I coded this based on another fork of some pal, and it was 12 months ago.

    What it caches:

    _entries already stores the past known entries that exists on the bucket. When hacking, I perceived myself repeating the task of checking the entries cache, than I DRYed it. DRY makes it safer for not letting me do mistakes.

    When it saves requests:

    Its pre-existing code, with no changes on me: _entries is checked when e.g. .exists() is called. If some name is tryed with .exists() and then .read(), It does 2 requests. If it caches the known entries, and I pre-populate it with all the bucket entries, than It saved-me 1 request per first read per file.

    Maybe the pull-request got a bad name, but I cannot imagine a better one now. Perhaps: "DRYed the use of cached known _entries"

    Seriously, I started to got confused before this refactor. I needed it to think about implementing other stuff.

  3. Ian Lewis

    This pull request is appreciated but the s3boto module has undergone a lot of changes which makes merging this on our side a bit difficult. If you could merge this pull request with the most recent code that would be helpful for getting this pull-request approved.