This is a fork of the python-microscopy project ( (by David Baddeley) that has in addition to David's original code a branch with local changes from work in my lab at the University of Exeter.

There is not too much new or different material here, some different hardware backends and changes we required to make certain things work. I maintain this repo to facilitate code exchange between David's and my copies of the repository. On a semi-regular basis David's code gets folded into this fork.

For more info see the project website at [].

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To view the documentaion see [].

Info excerpt on PYME from David's ReadMe:

The PYthon Microscopy Environment provides image acquisition and data analysis functionality for a number of widefield microscopy applications, but with a particular emphasis on single molecule localisation microscopy (PALM/STORM). The package is multi platform, running on Windows, Linux, and OSX.