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add ll to list of apostrophe endings

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         re.U | re.X)
-    _contraction_endings = [u't', u's', u'd']
+    # TODO: names containing apostrophes are not recognized here. Note
+    # some names may contain more than one apostrophe, e.g. Ng'ang'a.
+    _contraction_endings = [u't', u's', u'd', u'll']
     def __init__(self):
         """Set rule priority and name. """
         Transform.__init__(self, rule, tokens, **kwargs)
     def apply(self):
-        log_string = u'>RegexTransform {}'.format(self.rule.tokens)
-        logging.debug(log_string)
+        #log_string = u'>RegexTransform {}'.format(self.rule.tokens)
+        #logging.debug(log_string)
         for token in self.tokens_to_transform:
             for re_pair in self.rule.regex_pairs:
                 token.str = re.sub(re_pair[0], re_pair[1], token.str)
-        logging.debug(u'<RegexTransform %s', token_strings(self.rule.tokens))
+        #logging.debug(u'<RegexTransform %s', token_strings(self.rule.tokens))
         return self.rule.tokens
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