Kiva Editor's Assistant /

* Accept plural numbers, e.g. "She is in her 30s."

* Accept number expressions like 40th, 22nd, 31st

* Hyphenate all compound numbers from twenty-one through ninety-nine.

* Add spell checking; use google n-grams for highest likelihood.

* A vs. an correction.

* Capitalize sentence-initial word.

* Lowercase words that are not sentence initial, acronyms, abbreviations, or proper nouns.

* <possessive> living condition => <possessive> living conditions

* 1/one <plural noun> => one <singular noun>

* <age expression> female => <age expression> woman

* hyphenate age expressions
Change forms like this:
  <number> <hyphen>* year|years <hyphen>* old <noun>
to this:
  <number>-year-old <noun>
for example:
  a 44 years old => a 44-year-old
but be sure that, e.g., 'He is 44 years old and married' is unchanged.

* Enforce the rule that a list have a comma after the item preceding
"and", i.e., change "a, b and c" to "a, b, and c".

* children who are aged => children who are ages

* Use consistent number format (digits or spelled) within a sentence. 
Either spell out all numbers within a category or use them with digits.
Correct examples:
- "Her kids are ages 10 and 4."
- "Her kids are ages ten and four."
Incorrect example:
- "Her kids are ages 10 and four."