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Thoi Thi Tran is 37 years old. She is living with her family in Ly nhan village. Being a farmer, she growing rice, and raising  pigs for meat Her business lasted for long time but it is not successful.To earn more money,she make wine to sell in retail in 2008. Everyday, she can have 70,000 Vietnamese dong profit. Ms Thoi  was a clients of our credit program in 2006.During that time, she is always a good re payer and use loans effectively. Currently, she wants to borrow 6,322,000 Vietnamese dong to buy  material to expand her business. 

The woman person shown in the picture is Mrs. Nuon , 52 years old , who lives in Siem Reap Province . She owns a small store in local market which is full of people , and she uses this store to sell porridge in the morning and afternoon . She generates a profit approximately of US $ two a day to help support her family’s daily expenses with more stability . Her husband is the chief provider for the family , and he works as a motor taxi driver . This couple has six children , two of whom work in hotel as internal staffs . Mrs. Nuon will be using part of this requested money to purchase more necessary ingredients for making porridge to sell ; the rest of the loan will be used to a new motor - trailer for her husband to go on his business . 

US$ 2 a day

Cayetana is a hardworking entrepreneur who has a fishing business in the Philippines. 

She is borrowing PHP 20000 through NWTF to buy material for fishing like cooler, fishing net, etc. for her fishing business.

Cayetana has been in this business for 4 years. Cayetana earns more income from raising pigs.

Cayetana has been sustaining her business activities through her own efforts with the help of the loans from NWTF. She dreams to build and expand her business to secure the future of his family.

Lending helptext


Isabella is 60 years old, married to Michael. She has been keeping poultry for ten years with a monthly income of KES 12,000.

five peso's-worth

wood Le500, 000. He