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-# contenteditable
+![contenteditable has moved to GitHub][1]
-contenteditable is a tiny jQuery utility which adds useful behaviour to
-`contenteditable` text.
-## Usage
-The element with the `contenteditable` attribute must be wrapped by an element
-with a class of `contenteditable`. To make an `h1` editable, for example, use:
-    :::html
-    <h1 class=contenteditable><span contenteditable>Romeo & Juliet</span></h1>
-When a user clicks the editable text the browser inserts the caret as near as
-possible to the cursor. contenteditable also listens for click events on the
-containing element (the `h1` in the above example). The event handler focuses
-the editable element and selects its text. To take advantage of this handler,
-include CSS similar to the following:
-    :::css
-    .contenteditable {
-      display: inline-block;
-      background: url(images/edit.png) no-repeat right;
-      padding-right: 24px;
-    }
-contenteditable also listens for the enter/return keystroke when text is being
-edited, in response to which it triggers a "contentedited" event. This custom
-event provides a hook for application code, which might be along these lines:
-    :::javascript
-    $('#play').bind('contentedited', function (event) {
-      $.post('/path/to/resource', {title: $(})
-    })