David Chambers avatar David Chambers committed 028f872

Added a template filter, `combine`, to enable the category template to include
required files.

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 {% extends "base.dhtml" %}
 {% load mango_extras %}
 {% block title %}{{ category.name|smart_capfirst }}{% endblock %}
+{% block stylesheets %}{{ block.super }}{% for href in category.pages|combine:category.posts|required:"stylesheets" %}
+    <link rel="stylesheet" href="{{ href }}" />{% endfor %}{% endblock %}
 {% block content %}
             <h1>{{ category.name|smart_capfirst }}</h1>
             {% if category.pages %}
             </ol>{% endif %}{% if not category.pages and not category.posts and not category.subcategories %}
             <p>This category is currently empty.</p>{% endif %}
 {% endblock %}
+{% block scripts %}{{ block.super }}{% for src in category.pages|combine:category.posts|required:"scripts" %}
+    <script src="{{ src }}" />{% endfor %}{% endblock %}


         return comment.author.url
+def combine(list1, list2):
+    return list1 + list2
 def _convert(text):
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