Chris Chambers  committed 19b2f96

Again fix short urls so that they work on non root url mango instances

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                 dsq = disqus.DisqusService(DISQUS_API_VERSION)
                 forum = get_forum(dsq.get_forum_list())
+                #This call is only here for legacy and migration support, it will never return a value on Mango made threads
                 thread = dsq.get_thread_by_url(forum, canon_urls['abs'])
                 if not thread:
                     thread = dsq.thread_by_identifier(forum, context['meta']['title'], canon_urls['rel'])['thread']
     if is_short:
         if view_source:
-            canon_urls['rel'] += 'm/'
-        return HttpResponseRedirect(canon_urls['rel'])
+            canon_urls['abs'] += 'm/'
+        return HttpResponseRedirect(canon_urls['abs'])
     if os.path.isdir(filepath):
         #TODO - if view_source is true what do we do here?